Are Model Platform Companies Scams? Eclipse

All too often, Model Platform Companies are labelled scams. But before we jump on the bandwagon and to be fair to MPs, what exactly is a scam and what are MPs. A scam only occurs when a A takes money off B in a deceitful manner. That is to say, A has told B a pack of lies in order to elicit money out of them. A Model Platform company is not a model agency of any kind and by rights, they should state that under their application form. They do not offer model contracts and are not responsible for getting the would-be model work having just sold them a model portfolio. So, when you are called by a MP and brought into for a test shoot, you are (duly) told you have passed and forced to buy a portfolio. If they tell you before you part with your money that in buying it, (a) they are not a model or employment agency of any kind; (b) are not responsible for getting you work in any way whatsoever; (c) do not promise you castings, jobs or anything of the sort; (d) do not tell you that a legit agency will be able to use your portfolio to sign you up and get you work [after all, if they are so sure of this, why can they not do it for you is the question you have to ask yourself], they cannot be labelled a scam – no matter how much money you paid them!

This is because, you have handed over your money with your eyes fully open. They should really tell you that your portfolio is really only decent for freelance modelling. Model Platforms do not deserve to be disparaged for your own failings and inability to read small print or listen to what is being said to you. Quite often, some models are all too eager to be a model that they only see what they want to see, hear what they want to hear but then proceed to blame the model platform when they wake up out of their slumber. That is to say, realise that their shiny new model portfolio is not bearing them the promised fruit [they expected] after all.

So, as long as a model platform is upfront and honest with you, they are NOT a scam. However, they cross the line if they do not abide with A-D above in which case, you have been a victim of a scam.

In all, and we repeat, if a model platform company is so sure that a legit agency will happily use the portfolio they just sold you, you need to ask yourself this very simple question. Why, having sold you the portfolio, do they not ask you to sit back and relax whilst they hook you up with one of these legit agencies they talk about? Why not ask you to wait to receive a call from an agency having done all the hard background work on your behalf? Could it be because they know fully well, legit agencies would not be remotely interested in your portfolio?