How ECLIPSE get our models work Eclipse

Putting you in the picture! How ECLIPSE strives to get its models work:

ECLIPSE’s motto is About You | About Work | About Time and we damn well mean it! It’s all about helping as many of our models get as much paid work as possible, nothing more and certainly nothing less. Ask any model, whether an aspiring one or one that is experienced what they want the most and the answer will nearly always be the same. Work, Work, Work. And so, be it a student, at home mum, someone unemployed or indeed a full time worker responding to a model ad purporting to look for models. What they all have in common is to hopefully make some extra cash from modelling. It is also the reason why Luke has bought an expensive train ticket to travel down to London from Manchester, Claire, from Edinburgh to Birmingham or why dear mum has taken a day off work to escort teenage Chloe from Bristol to Manchester. They are all on their way to a model test shoot/assessment/interview [call it whatever you like, it all means the same thing] with outfit changes in a suitcase to boot. Indeed, this ritual is exercised by hundreds of would-be models on a daily basis, seven days a week.

But what is the key reason for these, at times, arduous, time consuming and expensive outings? To become a model and make good money. Of course, the kudos [one can now brag to one’s peers that they are now a model] probably plays a small part in all this but the expected money that will start rolling in is what counts at the end of the day. Money makes the world go around, and as anyone will tell you, "Money Talks!" To put it in another way, and in drawing inspiration from the entertaining movie, 'Jerry Maguire', with Tom Cruise in the principal lead: "Show Me The Money!"

It is also the search for work that inspires scores of aspiring models, on a daily basis to rush onto online platforms such as Google and Gumtree [to name but a few] eagerly looking for model companies plying ads that purport to offer aspiring models the opportunity to become the next model superstar. Again, the raison d'être behind such expeditions is because they want to make money from modelling. After all, having just a tag of being a model doesn’t pay the rent or mortgage unless a regular yet respectable income comes with it. Even the top agencies out there will tell you that most of their models are not guaranteed work. After all, there are no guarantees in the modelling industry. Yes, proper agencies will do their best to represent their models but only one person or party has the clout to decide if you are real model earning material. It is not the agency, the studio or even your partner, best friend or family member. That decision rests squarely with the paying client.

We assume that by now, you get the picture.

Indeed, we at ECLIPSE firmly believe that the vast majority of models out there are realistic enough to know that work is never guaranteed. What they do mind however is when the model company purporting to help them is not trying hard enough to get them the work. If they can see that the model company concerned is at least trying to help them and look after their interests, they tend to be more relaxed rather than anxious.

So here at ECLIPSE, whilst we cannot guarantee any of our models work [as it also depends on the work rate and input of the models], what we can promise however, is that we’ll incessantly and relentlessly bust our gut to pull out all the stops to get as many prospective clients to our models as possible. Below are the various marketing methods we currently use, and expect to use in the coming months.

Current strategies designed to appeal to and attract paying model users to ECLIPSE

  • Google and other popular search engine ads
  • Gumtree
  • Social media
  • Photographers that are regularly hired by companies to photograph models for advertising et al. campaigns.
  • Using all our industry contacts to put the word out
  • Advertising agencies, TV Extra [production companies] and Music Video companies
  • PR by way of regular press releases, as well as assisting and collaborating with the media with useful information on the darker side of the modelling industry
  • Regularly inviting all the legit UK model agencies to peruse ECLIPSE models in case any catch their eye
  • Employing as many freelance model bookers [i.e. the people that get models work] as possible to help get models on the site work. Did you know that models looking for work tend to be very good at not only finding work for themselves but for others? And so, the very person that may find you that dream modelling job, may also be a fellow model on ECLIPSE.