How it works Eclipse

First and foremost, as people have often asked us this question, ECLIPSE Model Management is a full-fledged model agency. This means that we represent and manage models, get them work in all model genres, and take a commission. A model does not necessarily need professional images to be accepted at ECLIPSE, as long as their natural ones meet an acceptable standard. After all, in trying to make a good first impression, you wouldn’t turn up to a job interview looking tatty now, would you?

Having met you for a face-to-face interview, ECLIPSE will only accept model applicants that we reasonably believe have a real shot at modelling success. One has to remember that in this industry, beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder, meaning the paying client. Succeeding as a model is not based on what you think of yourself in terms of your look, figure, height, physique, etc. Rather, it is based on what the paying client thinks, as they are the ones spending their money to hire you. However, we, as your agency, do speak up for you, as it is obviously in our interest to secure you as much work as possible in order to earn our commission.

For this reason, models that have potential can be of any height, look, size, age, background, race, and so on.

So, if we give you a chance to be a model, rest assured we will give you all the modelling exposure and publicity you could ever have, not to mention place you at the disposal of our many model bookers. If you don’t succeed, at least you know you tried!


You will need to submit at least 2-3 pictures, which can be natural or professional. Upon doing so, you will be sent an automatic welcome email with your login details, so keep it in a safe place. This does not mean that you have been accepted onto ECLIPSE, and neither will your login details work on the site, as your profile would not have been activated. If you have any problems filling in our online form, you can send your pictures along with your contact details, age, height, size (if female), area where you live, and any other information to: [email protected]


A member of the new model recruitment team will then try to contact you if we wish to take you on. The contact will be to arrange an interview at our offices. If we do not manage to get hold of you, we will send you an email and text asking you to call us back quickly before our model places are taken up. You are also free to contact us to know the outcome of your application if after 3 working days you have not been contacted.


The interview will last between 30 minutes to an hour and will comprise of asking you some questions about yourself, getting to know you, and taking a few Polaroids, which you will NOT be charged for. We will also assess key areas such as your range and diversity as a would-be ECLIPSE model, how you take to the camera (some of the work you receive, be it high or low-end, may well involve you modelling in front of a camera, photographers, audiences, etc.), your professionalism, attitude, time-keeping, communication, and so on. Quite often, as a model, you will be working around not just other models but staff associated with the client. For this reason, we have to see that you are the type that always acts professionally regardless of what is happening around and any problems or issues thrown at you. Moreover, if accepted, the Polaroids we take may be used for the Polaroid aspect of your professional model profile alongside any professional ones you may already have. Any self-respecting model should ideally have Polaroids, as it suggests to potential clients that you are professional, prepared, and ready for work. When you come to the interview, you will need to bring along the professional images you want to use on ECLIPSE, if you have any. You will also need to bring some ID such as your passport or driver’s license and proof of address, so we can keep a record. This is all based on you being accepted, of course.


After the interview, you will be informed of the outcome and also, if accepted, what the conditions of that acceptance will be – if at all. You will also be given a model contract to sign (or if under 18, the parent you come with signs on your behalf). You will also have the added option of taking the contract away and returning it at a later date should you choose.


Within seven working days, your model profile will go up on the agency site and on the relevant model board: DEVELOPMENT, MAIN, SPECIAL, HIGH-END, ELITE, SUPREME. We would also need to have your signed model contract as well. While you are well within your rights to make any changes you wish to your model profile (i.e., update your photos, change your headline photo, measurements, etc.), after it formally goes up, it will automatically go down until those changes have been approved by our model profile team. This can take up to two working days.


Ever noticed when you look at the profiles of some of the UK’s top models that many have pictures of themselves on the cover of magazines, in editorials, on location shoots, and so on? This is how a model builds their model profile and portfolio. This, is hopefully, where we hope to get you to, but will need your maximum input as well.

Lastly, any model agency in the world will tell you that succeeding as a model - be it a part-time or full-time one, younger or older one, plus size or non-plus size, or whatever category you are in – is not a one-way street. Yes, the agency’s job is to effectively and successfully represent you, but they cannot do it without a significant contribution from you. By you, we mean things such as:

  1. Excellent communication and time-keeping at all times
  2. Accepting as many jobs as possible, as long as they are within your stated availability times (e.g., if you are in education, mostly weekends, half term, and holidays)
  3. Returning emails and calls concerning work offers quickly. Remember, clients pay the models’ fees and so they have plenty of choices concerning models eager to be hired. So, they are unlikely to hang around waiting for you to return a call, and neither is the model agency!
  4. When taking calls from the agency or client OR indeed communicating with them, do not answer, text, or email as if you were speaking to a mate. Try and be professional at all times, as it can go a long way in the clients’ eyes.
  5. Try and keep in constant communication with the agency in terms of your availability should it change. Model bookers do not like unpleasant surprises, especially after they may have worked hard behind the scenes to secure you a job, only to find out (for example), you're out of the country, not available for work, your number does not work, or your email is bouncing back. In short, kindly keep us updated with any material changes that may affect your work availability schedule.
  6. If on the way to a job, having been provided with the job schedule by your model booker, you get lost or delayed, for example, please make sure you update the agency as early as possible. If you do not do so, the agency may not necessarily take you off its books, but you may go down in the pecking order for your particular model category.