Why we set up ECLIPSE Eclipse

ECLIPSE for short was set up to cater for the everyday aspiring model that is fed up of buying portfolios but not getting any end product, as the end of it. Nothing wrong with buying a portfolio mind you, if you have the funds. However, buying one represents an investment and one that we assume the models wishes to recoup and do so many times over. Indeed, we accept that these big studios are in business to make money and nothing is free in life. We also don’t subscribe to the misguided notion that no one ever needs professional images to be a model. Go to any legit agency website and you’ll notice that despite the vast array of lovely and talented models on show, there’s a certain level of uniformity to the presentation of all the shots.

Here’s a prime example from Storm Model Management, a long-established and arguably one of the best agencies out there (so a big thumbs-up for them). See how the headshots of each model on their main female board aren’t simple snaps:

Also, in each model profile there’s not a picture out of place:

This shows you that presentation is vital. If you are lucky enough to get signed up to one of these crème de la crème agencies, everything will be done for you, including your images. The scores of people out there who aren’t so lucky will have to source their own professional images. So, we said to ourselves, okay, we can’t stop these scores of model hopefuls yearning to become models but what we can do is try and make their model dream a reality.

Of course, there are no guarantees in this industry but, hey, at least with ECLIPSE, you’ll get a genuine shot at becoming a model and getting paid work – if we accept you, of course!